We bring you the finest chocolates from around the world to the Pittsburgh area.
From Neuhaus and Godiva to the finest selection of imported and domestic chocolates, The Chocolate Moose has something for every taste.

We have an extensive selection of imported candy bars — including Valrhona, Lindt, Cadbury, Ritter, Cluizel, Cote D'or — and many more! Our unique, molded novelty chocolates make great gifts, too. We can even create custom-molded chocolates to meet your specific needs.

We offer more than 250 bulk candies — from the favorite Australian licorice to chocolate-covered fruits, cordials, M&M Colorworks (21 gourmet colors), Jelly Belly jellybeans (50 flavors), gourmet nuts, and fruit and nut mixes. Many of our products are sugar-free or Kosher, as well!

To learn more, explore our site or - better yet - come visit us!

The Chocolate Moose - Truffle Package