The Chocolate Moose features the finest chocolates 



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and Godiva to the finest selection of imported and domestic chocolates, The Chocolate M

oose has something for every taste.

We have an extensive selection of imported candy bars -- including Valrhona, Lindt, Cadbury, Ritter, Cluizel, Cote D'or -- and many more!

Our unique molded novelty chocolates make great gifts. We can also create 

custom molded chocolates to meet your needs.

We offer more than 250 bulk candies -- from the favorite Australian licorice to chocolate-covered fruits, cordials, M&M Colorworks (21 gourmet colors), Jelly Belly jellybeans (50 flavors), gourmet nuts, and fruit and nut mixes. Also, Many of our products are sugar-free or Kosher, as well!